We aim to bring Social Marketing excellence to the Public, Private and Non-profit sectors. With over 30 years of experience in developing local, regional and national behaviour change programmes in the UK and worldwide.


    Those attending SSM training and development events will have an opportunity to explore and develop a deep understanding about how to select, implement and evaluate interventions and policy that can influence behaviour.


    SSM training and development sessions are  designed to provide up-to-date evidence, theory and practice drawn from the many disciplines and fields of practice that seek to influence social behaviour. We take a holistic cross disciplinary and cross sector approach that emphasises what works.


    Our training sessions are a mix of input from subject and practitioner experts and interactive exercises and debates designed to foster a critical understanding as well as knowledge acquisition.  


    Most journeys start with simply asking a question, by putting your hand up and daring to try something new. We are passionate about helping others make their intervention programmes as effective, strategically managed and measurable as possible. Drop us a line and start your journey.




    We are currently planning two training events to take place in 2020. If you're interested in hosting one of these events please get in touch at info@fuseevents.org


    We would love to hear from you if you are keen to host any of the event options below or believe there is an appetitie for the event in your city.


    Event: Introduction to Social Marketing.

    Key benefits:

    1. Understanding the five key SM principles
    2. Introduction to developing user centric social programmes
    3. Introduction to planning and evaluating social programmes

    For local authority staff and commissioners, councillors, health service communications and marketing personnel, NGOs and charities.

    This course is aimed at anyone who wants to develop more user responsive services to influence behaviour, reduce demand and improve satisfaction in the delivery of health and social services across local authorities, NHS, government, charity and NGO sectors.


    Will be of particular interest for those responsible for user understanding, influencing behaviour, marketing and communications and public health.

    Event: Social Marketing Master class: Why the four P's are dead. How we can apply modern marketing theory and practice to solving social challenges.

    Key benefits:

    1. The key principles of modern marketing practice.
    2. How commissioners and practitioners can apply modern marketing principles to develop and deliver more effective social marketing programmes and projects.
    3. What contemporary marketing theory and practice means for the planning and evaluation of social programmes.

    This course is aimed at those with a good understanding and some experience of developing social marketing and other forms of behavioural programmes in the not for profit sector. The content of the course is based on the book; Strategic Social Marketing (2015) Sage Publishing and numerous articles published by Professor French over the last five years.

    Event: What we know about behaviour change and how to influence it.

    Key benefits:

    1. Participants will develop an understanding of systems one and systems two decision making
    2. Explore Nudging, Shoving, Hugging and Smacking forms of influence
    3. Understand how to use key techniques to influence behaviour including, social norms, design thinking, incentives, habit, status quo bias and reflexive thinking 

    Good for professionals with a basic understanding of social marketing / looking for more details or practice understanding.

    Event: Social Marketing for Public Health.

    Key benefits:

    1. How to apply social marketing principles in the design and delivery of public health and health promotion programmes
    2. Introduction to the ECDC social marketing planning guide for public health professionals
    3. How to evaluate public health and health promotion programmes that seek to influence behaviour

    The content of this session will be based on the European Centre for Disease Control’s professional guide to social marketing (2015) and the new second edition of Social Marketing and Public Health published by Oxford University Press (published 2017) and Strategic Social Marketing published by Sage (2015).

    Event: Social Marketing in the environmental / ecology sphere.

    Key benefits:

    1. How to apply social marketing principles in the design and delivery of environmental / ecology and sustainability programmes
    2. Introduction to social marketing as it is applied to environmental and sustainability issues 
    3. Participants will be introduced to and critically explore real case studies form around the world and review how social marketing has added value to these programmes

    The content of this session is based on Case Studies drawn from the Social Marketing Casebook published by Sage (2015) and other practical examples developed by international agencies including DFID, USAID and Tools for Change.

    Event: Using Social Marketing to develop implement and evaluate citizen lead service delivery.

    Key benefits:

    1. The added value of Social Marketing to social policy and programme development.
    2. How to gather and use citizen data and insight to inform social programme development.
    3. How to evaluate behavioural programmes aimed at influencing citizen’s behaviour in relation to promoting appropriate service uptake, reducing inappropriate demand and improving user satisfaction.

    More details to follows soon..... 

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